1. Member Congress:
Representatives are elected by the members, and representatives are elected by the regional member representative meeting to form the member representative assembly, which is the highest authority of the association and exercises the functions and powers of the general assembly.

2. Board of Supervisors:
The association has 27 directors (including 1 chairman, 8 executive directors, and 18 directors), and 9 supervisors (including 1 convener of the board of supervisors, 2 executive supervisors, and 6 supervisors). The board of directors and supervisors shall meet once every three months, and shall be convened by the chairman of the board of directors.

3. Professional Committee:
There are 14 professional committees in the association, and each professional committee elects the chairman and vice chairman as the convener, and holds meetings from time to time.

4. Conference organization:
The association currently has 4 conference staff, including 1 director-general, 2 team leaders, and 1 commissioner, who undertake the tasks assigned by the supervisors and perform various conference affairs.